Sell NFTs on Shopify

Along with other existing products, without understanding/dealing with any of the tech jargon. 

Its like Dropshipping, but for NFTs. You take the orders, collect the cash, we fulfill them for you.

Plug and Play app. 

Integrates with
Part 1 - Customer Experience

Fully Custom Connect with Metamask Button

When you install the app, and create your first product you wanna sell as NFT. 

That product’s page will have a Connect with Metamask button.

This button will work in Desktop with Metamask installed. 

And also in any mobile Dapp Browser, Metamask, Trust or Coinbase.

The only job of this button is to get the ETH Address of the user, for the delivery of NFTs.

Just like for shipping regular products you need a shipping address. For delivery (its called Minting) of NFTs we need their wallet address.

Easy. Peasy. Japaneasy.

Part 2 - Merchant Experience

You create an NFT, just like you create a regular product

We will create a new collection on OpenSea, for your store. And when NFTs once sold by you are resold, you get upto 10% royalty on every sale. Crazy! Right? 

You get a Free Onboarding Call, where we walk you through everything and Set you up for Success.